Dan’s Condo

Community Beginnings

On November 1, 2015, Dick and Sue Malone moved their 40-year-old son, Dan into a Grandville condominium.  Dick and Sue are the first of our OASIS families, to move their adult child with special needs into a more independent housing situation.  Dan had moved from his parents’ home into a rental duplex earlier this year in April.  However, when this condo became available in July, it looked like a better long term solution for Dan.  It is located about half way between his two favorite places to go, Resurrection Life Church and the Visser YMCA.  It is also close to Meijer, Target and the Rivertown Mall.


Dan gets around on a bike most of the year, but he is also close to the bus routes.  Best of all, the price was reasonable for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit.  At present, he is not looking for a roommate, but that may become a possibility in the future.  We are hopeful that more like-minded people will move into other condos near Dan in Whispering Springs condo development or into one of the nearby duplexes to help us build OASIS Community of West Michigan’s first housing community.

Dan’s Condo in Grandville (PDF file)