National Core Indicators

If sometimes we wonder if the work you are doing is really going anywhere and making any difference in the face of so many “system” problems, take heart and stay the course! Oasis is at the leading edge of where the system needs to go.
THIS is the data that is being used to change the system and align it to the real needs and satisfaction of people with disabilities nationally.
Following are the National Core Indicators:

Individual outcome indicators address how well the public system aids adults with developmental disabilities to work, participate in their communities, have friends and sustain relationships, and exercise choice and self-determination. Other indicators in this domain probe how satisfied individuals are with services and supports.

  • Health, Welfare, and Rights

    These indicators address the following topics: (a) safety and personal security; (b) health and wellness; and (c) protection of and respect for individual rights

  • System Performance

    The system performance indicators address the following topics: (a) service coordination; (b) family and individual participation in provider-level decisions; (c) the utilization of and outlays for various types of services and supports; (d) cultural competency; and (e) access to services.

  • Staff Stability

    These indicators address provider staff stability and competence of direct contact staff.

  • Family Indicators

    The family indicators address how well the public system assists children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families, to exercise choice and control in their decision-making, participate in their communities, and maintain family relationships. Additional indicators probe how satisfied families are with services and supports they receive, and how supports have affected their lives.



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