Processes for Life Planning

Group Person Centered Planning

In Scotland, they have called it The Big Plan
In New York, the project is called Pathfinders.
Both of these focus on supporting transition age youth with disabilities and their families.


Maps and PATH Video

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Maps and Path are tools to help restore dreams and ignite hope by drawing people together to envision and plan and enact constructive futures. Maps and Path are not just another way of doing a service plan, they represent A DIFFERENT WAY OF THINKING.
Maps and Path were designed by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and John O’Brien as healing tools for people and for organizations. They assist individuals and organizations in the process of identifying problems and solutions and planning for the future. The process of creating one person’s or group’s path and map is, in fact, more spiritual than technical. To this end, these tools must be used with skill and heart, by practitioners rooted in an ethic of doing no harm.

Effective use of Maps and Path is not simply a matter of technique, it is an art. There are technical competencies to master, but this is not the difficult part. As an art, the person-centred planning requires facilitators to be able to truly listen to people’s dreams and nightmares.
All of us, at various times of our lives, might find ourselves in situations where we cannot manage alone. We feel our abilities are being limited and think that only our deficiencies are noticed. At such times, we need tools to reach out, to renew and understand our mission and to find power in our dreams, so we can be fully and healthy, contributing citizens. That’s what Maps and Path can do for us.
It is not ethical to plan with a person if the plans don’t conf
ront the person’s exclusion and don’t aim to create a more just, diverse, and inclusive community.

A Map retells a person’s story to remind us of who they are, their gifts and dreams. It also names the nightmare we are working to avoid. It leads to goal-setting, action plans and enlists the involvement of people who can help make it happen.
Sample “Map” with one person’s story












A Path sets out a person’s dreams, their positive and possible goals, charts a time-lined action plan that includes who will join the person in achieving their goals and dream.

Sample “Path” with one person’s dreams, goals and action












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